Information about Casa Tropical


¡Welcome to Casa Tropical!

Who are we?

We are a group of students, landlords and young professionals from various nationalities, who decided to offer a solution for international student, Digital Noma and young professionnals to book their accommodation on a long term basis with trust, safety and simplicity.

Why Casa Tropical is great?

  • Casa Tropical's team visit and verify personally each accommodation
  • Listings have a very detailed description to offer you 100% of the information you need.
  • We shoot virtual visits so you can see the accommodation as you were there.
  • Multilingual platform. Until now we offer it in 4 languages: english, spanish, french and portuguese
  • Online support. We help you find your perfect place, settle and enjoy the best stay possible with us.

How it work?

Casa Tropical is very simple:
    1. Browse with your own cirterias  (map, filters), the accommodation that is perfect for you.
    2. Select the dates for your stay.
    3. Book your stay with our safe online booking deposit and contact the landlord to organise your arrival.
    4. Enjoy your new place

How does the Booking Deposit works?

The booking deposit is a tool that helps you book ahead your stay safely.
This booking deposit guarantee you the accommodation when you arrive.
When you book online, you engage yourslef in the accommodation and the landlord has the duty to put at your disposal the accomodation you booked exactly as it is shown in the listing.
It is the safest way to book an accommodation ahead.

Is the booking deposit discounted from the monthly rent?

NO, the Booking Deposit is NOT discounted from the monthly rent. Casa Tropical already negotiate a fair price for all the accomodation online. The price mentionned in the listing is the one you will be paying each month. No surprise, you have a perfect control over your monthly budget.

In which cases do you refund the Booking Deposit?

The Booking Deposit can be refunded in some cases:
  • If the places is completely different from what you booked online (You have to dispute the booking within Casa Tropical and prove the accommodation is completly different). We will help you find another place and fine the landlord.
  • If you cancel your booking more than 30 days prior to your arrival.
  • If you have a "force majeure" case. You have to send us a proof  and we will refund you without more questions.
  • If you feel uncomfortable in your shared accommodation. We will help you find another place. If we can't find an accommodation that suits you, we will refund your Booking Deposit.

Why happen if I don't feel confortable in my accommodation?

You can test your sharing experience with Casa Tropical the whole first month.
If you don't feel confortable enough in the accommodation, you can cancel the rest of your stay.
Casa Tropical local ambassador will help you find another accommodation acording to your need, so you can get he best experience possible in the city .
In the case Casa Tropical can't find you an accommodation close to your needs, we will refund you the booking.
Important: YOU ARE NOT TIED to stay by force in any accommodation if you don't feel confortable.

Our mission: creating positives cultural experiences through shared accommodations.


How is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation and refund policy is the following and it is the same for all accommodation listed here.
To 30 days before check-in, you can get back 100% of your booking deposit.
between 30 days and 1 day before check in, the booking deposit is no refundable.
This cancellation policy is the moste global one we found online for similar platforms.  
It is used and accepted by most of the online rental platform.

How rents payments are made?

Payments are made directly to the landlord, using the payment option the landlord can offer (cash, bank transfer, paypal...).

This policy, allows us to offer you the best cultural experiences with local hosts and help people like families, local students o young profesionnals to share their accommodation and earn an extra income in the process. Some of our landlords, students and families don't have access to a bank account and this is a great way to connect each other through a social value.
It is our social value and it is important for us connect people at a local level with travelers, students and international profesionnals to include everyone in a global community.

When do I have to pay my rent?

In most of the cases, the rent is due on the first 5 days of each month.
During incomplete months, the rent is paid for the period your stay in your accommodation or the period you bookek. As an example, if you enter the 25 of february, you will pay 4 days in february (from the 25 to the 28 of february).
In march, you will pay the whole month rent, and so on.
Don't hesitate to ask us to make this information clear.

When will I have the details of the landlord?

To protect our landlords from people who would like to use their details in a bad way,
we do not allow this information to be public.
the person who rent an accommodation with Casa Tropical,
will receive a detailed receipt for its booking with the dates of the landlord to organise its arrival.

Can I visit a property?

Casa Tropical is not a platform to organize visits.
Therefore, if the desire to visit is essential, the tenant can do so through this process:

  1.     The student selects the accommodation that he likes the most.
  2. The student requests a reservation for the selected accommodation. It is important to enter the dates of your study or work period so that the owner can know exactly your stay.
  3. Validation of the request by the owner. If the owner has availability, he will accept your request. When the application is accepted, the reservation fee will be charged to student as a commitment.
  4. The student and the owner can agree within Casa Tropical, day and time of visit. Attention: it is IMPORTANT that the day and time of VISIT is PREVIOUS to the day of entry into the accommodation (beginning of the stay).
  5. Two cases are possible:
        The student CONFIRMS that the accommodation is what he expected. The student can prepare its luggage to check-in the accommodation.
        The student DOES NOT CONFIRM that the accommodation is what he expected. The student will be refunded 80% of its reservation (booking deposit). Casa Tropical will help the student find another accommodation so that the youth can enjoy the best possible stay in the city.

The "buena onda" waranty

Casa Tropical offers a "buena onda"  waranty for shared accommodation.
If a student book a stay in a shared accommodation, he / she benefits from 1 whole MONTH to test the environment and make sure that he / she feels comfortable enough to stay.
In the event that you feel VERY uncomfortable, Casa Tropical will help you find another accommodation for your stay. If Casa Tropical can not find another accommodation, 100% of the booking deposit will be refunded as compensation.
Casa Tropical, is a safe, reliable platform, where you can enjoy the best "buena onda", we will make the best efforts so that everyone is in the best conditions to study or work.

Are payments secure?

Payments are very safe:
  1. No payment is made straight to the landlord. Casa Tropical hold your booking deposit online until you come in. We offer you the confidence that the landlord won't disappear with your booking deposit (attitudes that were reported in some other websites and that we didn't want to see here).
  2. Payments are processed with Stripe. A payment platform from the USA, who is also available arround the world and offers the best security in online payments.
  3. People at Casa Tropical doesn't have access to credit and debit cards. Transactions are encrypted with AES 256 offering the best level in payment security.

Do you have a question?

Drop us a line in our online chat (orange bubble on your right hand) or by e-mail:


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